Everlasting Makeup provides permanent cosmetic services. Permanent cosmetics is a technique using tattooing to permanently color the dermal layer of the skin to replicate makeup such as eyeliner, lip liner and full lip color, and brow filler.

Everlasting Makeup is owned and operated by Kerry Grise. Kerry has been providing permanent cosmetics to the Miami Valley for the past 16 years.  She was trained and certified in Rodondo Beach, California at Dermigraphics Inc.

Kerry uses a Manual hand method versus the machine method that is used widely in our area. The manual method is the desired choice of permanent makeup for both technicians and customers. The results are beautiful, natural and gentle. The skin heals faster because there is less trauma to the skin and the pain is minimal.

Benefits Of The Manual Method
Complete control, there is no deposit of color unless you lift your tool forward and up. It is almost impossible to make a mistake.
No clogging of pigments
No moving parts
No mechanical failures
No adjustments
Long Lasting
Less pain and swelling
Less recovery time

Properly applied manual application, quality results with less fading than either the coil or the rotary machines. The reason for this is the machines push the pigment into the skin placing the color into the “Dermal” layer of the skin. The Dermal layers are where our nerve endings are located, as well as our blood cells. The blood cells have the ability to break down and absorb most foreign particles. This is where our immune system begins. Scar tissue encapsulates some of the color particles, causing them to appear lighter, while other pigment particles are absorbed by our immune system.  Using the manual method technique you will find less fading than the machine technique because you are placing the pigment into the area of the skin where the immune system cannot break it down and absorb it.


Everlasting Makeup Currently serves Two Locations:
Salon Ventures – 4333 Far Hills Ave.  |  Kettering, OH 45429
Everlasting Makeup By Kerry – 9044 Gettysburg Southeastern Rd.  |  Bradford, OH 45308

Contact Kerry at 937-570-7166 or via email by filling out the contact form.

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